Paul M. Rodriguez


Paul M. Rodriguez is (among other things) an essayist, novelist, scholar, and programmer.

The Ruricolist · Essay series

The Ruricolist is a single-author essay series, broadly philosophical in content. Originally a blog, it is now also available in print.

The Ruricolist is mostly essays – 157 of them, such as:

The rest of the 234 numbers is made up of stories, fables, satires, monologues, nondefinitions, and others. I think the fables are particularly good:

The Ruricolist can be read at, or as a book.

The Endless City · Novel

The Endless City is a novel. The setting is what might be called post-apocalyptic, but not in the wake of destruction. What kind of society would people have, in the ruins of a world they could no longer remember or understand?

Readers frequently compare The Endless City to Cormac McCarthy and Jorge Luis Borges.

The Rambler · Editor

The only complete electronic edition of Samuel Johnson's Rambler available anywhere online, with all classical quotations (Latin and Greek) checked and corrected against their original sources.

This edition is now also available in print (as a single, complete volume):

Open Source Development

I have written many open-source libraries, principally in Common Lisp.

The most popular are Spinneret, an HTML generator; Serapeum, a utility library; Overlord, a build system; and Vernacular, a module system for embedded languages.

More open-source work can be found at:

I also write a blog about programming:

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